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i used to kick it with a brother named, moe
moe used to kick it with a brother named, joe
joe used to kick it with his girlfriend lateisha
whose brother elmo, looked like me
elmo used to elbow lots of brothers in the nose
kick em when they down and hed steal they shoes and clothes
elmo would develop lots of beef as a tweaker
and all of them was mostly come lookin for me
imagine that, fat motherfuckers with bats tryin
to rat pack, uhh, time to get a gat
so im strapped cause im trapped like roger thomas in his fat
mommas lap, whats happenin heres a rap
saturday twelve oclock, told e-roc, the whole plot
and what not, about, how our men are spottin

its funny bets the money that they scared of po-pos
and this supposed to be some ruthless negros?
they regretting, len saying "pull that hoyle card"
disregarding come a brother, and now they act hard
i aint clueless, we can do this cause its heated
but dont trip, i got a.380 if its needed
this is a lesson you can pass or flunk
so pile on the right guard, we got serious funk

why you waaaaannaaaaaa, funk with meeeeee? (repeat 4x)

bet george and bootsy, never had funk like this
catch twenty-two, twist no fist can dismiss this
rift that ima go through, maybe i can flow through
this whole ordeal and not pull out the black steel
and my friends make suggestions...
that i should squeal to the cops but thats out of the question
if i die by the trigger of a misled brother
could he be judged by the system that is scared of me and others?
i believe no, so i dont go, with the flow
even though im bout to roll with no paddle
up a creek called shit, light is lit on the situation
is me and him is gonna decrease the population
now we wonder why our revolution never grow
killin motherfuckers just for steppin on our toe
if we had as much funk for our oppressors as we did
for ourselves, the blood would never flow again
and then, the uzis that were once used to kill each other
could be used, to serve and protect the brothers
and the sisters and the cousins or whatever others
but the funk keeps growing like a fungus...

why you waaaaannaaaaaa, funk with meeeeee? (repeat 4x)

four years til im twenty-five, now i got a forty-five
caliber dont take no jive, just pull to fix
dont want to be eighty-sixed, route six six six aint in my mix
dont flap your lips about me takin no, trips
you wont be takin no sips from a milk carton
seein my face with a caption, askin
"have you seen boots, hes missing in action"
this shit is more off the wall than michael jackson
cause brothers who be doin brothers who be doin others
screwin brothers but the coup be doin more than shoo-be-doin
on the corner, talkin revolution from petoria to florida
its why it dont make sense that they want me a goner
on a, run cause some brothers in a ratpack think im
poppin junk cause they dont see for centuries
the genocidal funk so im a punk if i dont blast they ass
but i gots more funk for the rulin class
will it ever end, will we ever win, drinkin juice and gin
five-oh gets again, gets off with a grin
national guard sent in for when we got beef
you wanna pop the trunk we got serious funk

why you waaaaannaaaaaa, funk with meeeeee? (repeat 4x)


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