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fuck a perm ark sz

"dayaam, look at babys hair over there and shit!
damn big 1970s jacksons afro and shit!"

damn... motherfuckers, always bein like that
apply three drips, rub softly with your fingertips
and even though you flipped, dont trip cause now youre, hip
and now you slick it, you grease it and you lick it
and youre lookin really wicked but your hair is now called good
you moisturize and texturize and relax-ize and civilize it
but yo i got a fro, so a bros misunderstood
kitchen in the back, give me dap i got a knapsack
knick knack pattys wack, cause in her mind its firm
that straight is in and out is black
cause black went out with tenament shacks
but beauty is a natural fact so i say, "fuck a perm!"


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