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fixation ark sz


well this is verbal penetration
alert your school administration
if you act like a dick castration
it just brings me elation
your misleading presentation
was just boring oration
gunclaps from my tech will be your standing ovation
beat-per-minute calculations
match aorta calculations
which speed up if you eat that greasy defication at nations
tear along the preforation
means collection notification
and you know i stack my scrilla in negative denominations
and thats a damn abomination
it takes all my concentration
to not rob armored transportation
and collect compensation
but it takes contemptlation, conspiration
conversation and propagation
information dissemination and tribulations no hesitation
indoctrination, affiliation, penitentary and jail evasion
for liberation and publications -
spell the coup with capitalizations

boots (2nd verse):

i was on the verge of ejaculation
police performed a home evasion
so i cut off the illumination
and jumped out of the ventilation
they were in anticipation
waiting in voltron formation
so i performed circumnavigation
and then crawled through the foilation
started my legs to gyration
caught me, took me to the station
valubales confiscation, started the interrogation
causing business complications
said they wanted pacification
i said i know all yo macinations
you gets no respect, no information
one mo thang fo yo gestation
think you should try self-fornication


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