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cars and shoes ark sz

now if ya gettin in my car dont sit down right away
cause my passenger seat tilts sideaways
and dont even try to lean the shit back
the whole damn thangll fall off the track
stick your hand out, and signal for a right
my windows stuck plus i got a broken turn light
naw i aint dippin! sometimes i get a stuck brake
got my rearview attached with some duct tape
keep yo knee right there!
im tryna keep that glove compartment closed playa!
the seatbelt dont work just tie it round your waist
if you crash through the window just cover your face
the radio gets one station on am, its chinese
but if you listed you could catch what they sayin
stop complainin -- i heard what you said
so what the seat spring poked you in the leg?
didnt know it stabbed you, but what you stompin fo?
you finna put yo foot through that hole in the flo!
now what you say - you gonna sue me?
awwww, because the baby hurt his leg and got a booby?
now your feelings hurt, you wanna get up out my shit
cool motherfucker, here you go, get yo kicks
you need to act a little older!
if you want that do to open you gon have to use yo shoulder
get the fuck up out fool, you lose - why?
my car is better than yo shoes

chorus: -sung- (2x)

now if you get in my bucket baby, you gotta sit on the flo
and i aint go no license you know, im tryin-a duck the po-po

see me in the town you might think im a star
every three months in a different car
like the other day in a 81 datsun
wit my alternator rollin shotgun
or in the fall in a 88 seville
pushin it wit my foot down the hill
once i did a job, the lady didnt wanna pay me
so she offered me a hooptie instead, i said maybe
cause it looked like it went through a war
missin a door, three out of four
aint bad -- but is it safe to drive?
ill wait til payday, then make it live
fixed the beat first cause thats my choice
a bucket wit the beat look like a rolls royce!
next week it broke down on the bay bridge
and lemme tell you that motherfucker dang-ress!
had a huned so i hit the auction block off
got a seven-six pinto wit some knock offs
catchin buses be gettin me to work late
and you know that slow down my pay rate
down to zero
no alignment make it kinda hard to steer though
they need to pay me for all these adventures
tell em to my grandkids when i got dentures
makin a buck really costs a buck fiddy
its only that cheap if yo cars shitty
motherfuckers laughin but it beats the ac transit blues
shit, my car is better than my shoes



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