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rocknroll damnation ark sz

they say that you play too loud
well baby thats tough
they say that you got too much
cant get enough
they tell you that you look a fool
and baby im a fool for you
they say that your minds diseased
shake your stuff

and its a rock n roll damnation
mas own whippin boy
rock n roll damnation
take a chance while you still got the choice

you say that you want respect
honey for what?
for everything that youve done for me
thanks a lot
get up off your bended knees
you could set your mind at ease
my temperatures running hot
ive been waiting all night for a bite of what you got


damnation, theyre puttin you down
damnation, all over town
damnation, cause youre way outta reach
livin on the streets you gotta practice what you preach


damnation, left a happy home
damnation, to live on your own
damnation, you want to live in sin
damnation, its a rock n roll -
damnation, just a bundle of joy
damnation, youre a toy for a boy
damnation, you got dollars in your eye
damnation, chasin that pie in the sky
damnation, rock n roll -


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