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highlight of the day ark sz

dream warriors intro...

did i wake you too sudden baby
did i take you out of your slumber
did i disturb your sweetest dreams
its just a lovers game
i just had to do it baby trust me
i love to watch you sleeping
to see that everything was right
oh but i felt this passion coming over
over and over and over
and i just got to let you know

its been a long day
were both tired from working hard
were almost forgetting to play
this is all i wanna say
just to remind you that
were missing the highlight of the day

now that youre almost wide awake
im willing and ready for the take
this is where the cookie crumbles
whether a single or a double
id settle for whatever
honey let me melt in your arms
hold me even when the clock alarms
take the phone off the hook
kill me with that dirty look
let me sign in your book



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