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good love ark sz

cant believe i say these words to you
could you erase them from your mind
how could i, how could i

oh no when i know
good love is hard to find
if you dis youll find
you shall do the time
good love is hard to find, yes
if you dis youll find (now you gonna find)
you shall do the time

its early in the morning
stretched across the bed to touch you
and youre not there
i picked up the phone and called your best friend
i guess its just not my day
cause you cant be found anywhere
the more i keep missing you i keep forgetting
you said youd scratch me out of the page
its funny how something simple
can make you change

chorus (repeat)

when youre in love
its such a wonderful thing
makes you smile and sing
the joy you share no kid in candy land
or fun world can compare
dont tell me its not meant to be
just you and me for eternity
and maybe you have a different view
but i dont want you to go
cause you are all that i know
and i know



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