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losers ark sz

words: persson, svensson
music: svensson
look at all these losers
you find them everywhere
theyre fucked up and annoying
but somehow you seem to care
its easier to laugh
but something makes you stick around
you cant watch from above
and keep your ten toes in the sand
you wish that you were special
im just like you
close your eyes
thatll be the day youll find those lies
fold your ears
thatll be the day that you will hear
thatll be the day you
get back home
its lonely to be strange
and you would never tell
that youre one of these itches
you know it much too well
losers are your weakness
they will always touch your heart
youre touching me as well
cause i have always been a part
you wish that you were special
im just like you


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