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too many tears ark sz

now as you know
its your time on this earth
from a rock in the cradle
to a ride in the hearse
we keep moving upward
toward everything free
kindly look downward
the more youll see me
ive had six years of luck
ive had six on the line
and ive poured myself out
like an old bitter wine
ive seen much of nothin
and nothins the gain
thrown on my backside
i dont know my name
theres too many tears
too many tears
too many people
in too many years
some tears of laughter
some tears of pain
break like a fever
and fall like the rain
points on the map, tears line the way
ive seen all your pretty things
and it wont stop the pain
theres been much confusion
with too many hurt
i feel my words dyin
down in the dirt
ive had lies in my head
there been lies in my heart
ive been tortured by this riddle
and i dont know how to stop
with a lightning flash and thunder, boys
and my mind starts to click
so do what you must do
and you best do it quick
doctor, oh doctor
my worlds in you hands
i feel like im dyin
and boy i need a plan
sister, sweet sister
theres blood on my lips
why does it feel like
this rooms doing flips
the rains come on time
its clear i can tell
ive seen your work everywhere
and theres mercy in hell
with a lightning flash and thunder, boys
and again it all comes down
do you see your life merging
with these poor souls on the ground


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