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triad ark sz

written by david crosby

you want to know how it will be
me and her, or you and me
you both stand there, your long hair flowing
your eyes alive, your mind still growing
saying to me what can we do now that we both love you
i love you too
and i dont really see
why cant we go on as three

you are afraid, embarrassed too
no one has ever said such a thing to you
your mothers ghost stands at your shoulders
a face like ice, a little bit colder
saying to you, you cannot do that
it breaks all the rules, you learned in school
but i dont really see
why cant we go on as three

we love each other, its plain to see
theres just one answer that comes to be
sister lovers, water brothers, and in time maybe others
so you see what we can do is to try something new
if your crazy too
and i dont really see
why cant we go on as three


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