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the morning ark sz

i am standing at the edge of my mind
if i look in, i might fall in - i sense danger
im divided, but ive decided its my nature
but if i look back i might fall back to yesterday
he was weeping as the morning has just broken
he says, "im a young man. i got nothing to say.
i got reasons for my feeling so disheartened
i am shocking to myself everyday".
i am standing at the edge of my mind
i wanna run, i wanna shout, i wanna make thunder
wanna know what kind of spell ive fallen under
show me, show me
i wanna live, i wanna breath, i wanna love hard
wanna give my life to you
lose me in you
he was standing i this dark, dark corner
he says, "im a poor man. i got nothing to show."
he said, "please, please remember me when you leave here,
or i just might follow you home."
i am standing at the edge of my mind


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