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the times they are a changin ark sz
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the times they are a changin ark sz

written by bob dylan

come gather round people
wherever you roam
and admit that the waters
around you have grown
and accept it that soon
youll be drenched to the bone
if your time to you is worth savin
then you better start swimming
or youll sink like a stone
for the times they are a changin

come writers and critics
who prophesize with your pen
keep your eyes open
the chance wont come again
watch what you say
for the wheels still in spin
and there aint tellin who that its naming
for the loser now
will be later to win
for the times they are a changin

come senators, congressmen
please heed the call
dont stand in the doorway
dont block up the hall
for he who gets hurt
will be he who has stalled
the battle outside raging
itll rattle your windows
and shake down your walls
for the times they are a changin

come mothers and fathers
throughout the land
and dont criticise
what you cant understand
your sons and your daughters
are beyond your command
your old road is rapidly aging
get out of the new one
if you cant lend your hand
for the times they are a changin


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