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set you free this time ark sz

the first thing that i
heard you say
when you were standing
there said in your way
was that you were not blind
you were sure to make a
fool of me
cause there was nothing
there that you could see
that could go beyond your
now whos standing at the
remembering the days before
and asking please be kind
it isnt how it was set up
to be
but i set you free this time

i have never been so far
out in front
that i could ever ask for
what i want
and have it any time
knowing this you found the
thought for me
that told you just what i
should be
and there i stood behind.
with all the ones that were
and memories that only seem
to tear me from my mind
in front of what it is you
see me to be
ive set you free this time.

i could never find a chance
to choose
between a way to win or a
thing to lose
because there was your stand
on top of all of the love
you took
that was always something
you could look at
lying in your hand
now whos wondering what
has changed
and why it cannot be
arranged to have each thing work fine
it isnt how it was set up
to be
but ive set you free this


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