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even now ark sz

chased, chased
out into the woods
footsteps close behind my back
i never knew how close i stood
shame has brought me to my knees
love protects the heart
it is just as you please
fights, fights
up and down each shore
we may be outnumbered here
the lions start to roar
cry, cry for all to hear
cry, the world goes on
would you lend me your ear for a moment
i still care even now
chased, chased
by the angry mob
trying to steal my heart from me
steal from me my love for god
watch as stars fall from the sky
wait until the oceans dry up
but even then
i still feel loved
even so, i feel cared for
even now
so look in my eyes again
do you recognize my face
one of despair again
is it gone without a trace
i feel iõm alive again
rescued from the void
here iõm alone with you
here iõm at home with you
even now
look, look
theyõre running close behind
those you thought your enemies
are friends now standing
by your side
fight for every step you take
shaped by every lie youõve ever heard
pain, pain
the pain iõve been forced to see
blame, the blame belongs
to no lone but me
but oh, i still care
even so, i still feel loved
even so, even here, even now


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