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doubt ark sz

you doubt if theres a heaven
you doubt if theres a hell
you doubt if youll remember
all the stories they would tell
its a terrible feeling
living and dealing with doubt
youve doubted your existence
you doubt if theres a truth
your plan starts to crumble
but you cannot stand to lose
youre back where you started from
covering yourself in doubt
you doubted your mother
and you doubted your dad
you doubted your sisters
and any brothers you had
its a bad situation
living and loving with doubt
well, you doubted the beginning
and im sure you doubt the end
you doubted your teachers
you doubt all your friends
its an overwhelming sensation
confrontation with doubt
i dont know why i started
i dont know if ill finish
i wonder why i try at all
sometimes i wonder why i try at all
doubt can make a strong man
weaken under stress
and doubt can make a weak man
totally worthless
god, its a pity
you stage your finale
with meticulous care
your view is consistent
and then out of nowhere
your vision is clouded
you face competition with doubt


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