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pretty boy floyd ark sz

written by woody guthrie

well gather round children, a story i will tell
about pretty boy floyd the outlaw, oklahoma knew him well

was in the town of shawnee on a saturday afternoon
his wife beside him in a wagon as into town they rode

and along come a deputy sheriff in a manner rather rude
using vulgar words of language and his wife she overheard

and pretty boy floyd grabbed a long chain, and the deputy grabbed a gun
and in the fight that followed, he laid that deputy down

then he ran through the trees and bushes and lived a life of shame
every crime in oklahoma was added to his name

he ran through trees and bushes on the canadian river shore
and many a starving farmer opened up his door

it was in oklahoma city, it was on a christmas day
a whole carload of groceries and a letter that did say

well you say that im an outlaw, you say that im a thief
well, heres a christmas dinner for the families on relief

as through this life you travel, you meet some funny men
some rob you with a six-gun, some with a fountain pen

as through this life you ramble, as through this life you roam
youll never see an outlaw take a family from their home


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