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i come and stand at every door ark sz
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i come and stand at every door ark sz

written by n.hikmet

i come and stand at every door
but no one hears my silent prayer
i knock and yet remain unseen
for i am dead, for i am dead
im only seven although i died
in hiroshima long ago
im seven now as i was then
when children die they do not grow
my hair was scorched by swirling flame
my eyes grew dim my eyes grew blind
death came and turned my bones to dust
and that was scattered by the wind
i need no fruit i need no rice
i need no sweets nor even bread
i ask for nothing for myself
for i am dead, for i am dead
all that i ask for is for peace
you fight today, you fight today
so that the children of this world
may live and grow and laugh and play


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