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fifth dimension ark sz

oh, how is it that i could come out to here,
and be still floatin,
and never hit bottom but keep fallin through,
just relaxed and paying attention?

all my two-dimensional boundaries are gone,
i have lost to them badly,
i saw that through. crumbling, i thought it was dead,
but i found my senses still working.
and as i continued to drop through the hole,
i found all surrounding,
to show me that joy innocently is,
just be quiet and feel it around you.

and i opened my heart to the whole universe,
and i found it was loving,
and i saw the great blunder my teachers had made,
scientific delirium madness.

i will keep falling as long as i live,
ah, without ending,
and i will remember the place that is now,
that has ended before the beginning...

(repeat first verse)


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