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bugler ark sz

written by larry murray

back when cattle creek used to sing
its waters were sweet and its banks were green
and sunny days, went on forever
me and old bugler, wed run wild
bluetick hound and the redneck child
we thought we were, birds of a feather

ah the fish would bite, my how theyd bite
wed catch them possoms in the pail moonlight
for ma, just to please her
buglers voice like gabriels horn
up in the cypress, all down through the corn
golden sounds, yes to treasure

bugler, bugler, bless your hide
jesus gonna take you for a chariot ride
say goodbye, say goodbye

one day ma she brought the news
she said, honey young buglers done paid his dues
hes been hit down, yes on that highway
dry your eyes and stand up straight
buglers got a place at the pearly gates
say goodbye sugar, oh say goodbye

repeat chorus


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