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extreme, extreme arklar, extreme ark szleri
1.am i ever gonna change438
2.better off dead329
3.big boys dont cry1217
4.color me blind634
5.cupids dead525
6.cynical fuck428
7.decadence dance660
8.dont leave me alone625
10.fair weather faith437
11.flesh n blood501
12.flight of the wounded bumble bee501
13.get the funk out395
14.god isnt dead759
15.he man woman hater451
16.hip today455
17.hole hearted394
18.its a monster545
19.kid ego397
20.leave me alone413
21.little girls487
22.lil jack horny676
23.midnight express559
24.money in god we trust404
26.more than words430
27.mutha dont wanna go to school today561
29.never been funked395
30.nice place to visit454
31.no respect548
32.our father396
33.peacemaker die376
34.play with me605
37.rest in peace421
38.rise n shine428
39.rock a bye bye742
40.seven sundays459
41.shadow boxing435
42.smoke signals436
43.song for love406
44.stop the world404
45.suzi wants her all day what422
46.teachers pet644
47.tell me something i dont know512
48.there is no god433
49.tragic comic426
51.waiting for the punchline366
53.watching, waiting429
54.when i first kissed you481
55.when im president584
56.when will it rain415
57.where are you going416
58.who cares460
59.wind me up643
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