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zoo-music girl ark sz

zoo-music girl zoo-music girl

our life together is a hollow tooth
spit out the shells, spit out the shells
you know exactly what im talking about
dont drag the orchestra into this thing
rattle those sticks, rattle those sticks
the sound is beautiful, its perfect!
the sound of her young legs in stockings
the rhythm of her walk, its beautiful
just let it twist, let it break
let it buckle, let it bend
i want to hear the noise of my
zoo-music girl zoo-music girl

my body is a monster driven insane
my heart is a fish toasted by flames
i kiss the hem of her skirt
we spend our live in a box full of dirt
i murder her dress till it hurts
i murder her dress and she loves it
if there is one thing i desire in the world
is to make love to my
zoo-music girl zoo-music girl

the sound is beautiful! its perfect!
i call out her name in the night
zoo-music girl! zoo-music girl!
i call her by her family name
zoo-music girl! zoo-music girl!
oh! god! please let me die beneath her fists
zoo-music girl! zoo-music girl!
zoo-music girl! zoo-music girl!


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