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vixo ark sz

ah fed vixo on evry fear n fret n phobia
til it nor ah could stand the strain no longer
sucked a chicken bone, tossed it in the corner
raisin up like lazaurs, up, up from its cot
an making for the door, now...
infant-prodigy creates a phantom-friend, yeag
stickin sack an ol jack-jack into its itchin-ten
oh! dont ya linger! ooh! dont ya linger, now,
mah monster-piect...mah perfect-murder-machine
dont ya linger, for ah can feel mah youth slipping outa me
yeah, ah can feel mah youth slip outa me.
call it, call it vixo. call it vee.
ah all it, an it comes to me.
call it vixo. call it me
march headlong into the heart of fear
ah will follow thee.

what kept ya? whaa? what kept ya?
you get trouble? sumn go wrong?
vixo grinning, climbs up into mah lil boy arms.
what you get?
tell me, what ya gone n brung me from the hollow?
yeah! were laughin...but our laughter is shallow
aint it funny...my childhood name is sorrow.
vixo sighs, n lays its head upon mah pillow.

call it. call it vixo. call it vee.
call it, an it comes to me.
vee...ah...hex...oh-oh, come crawl with me.
into the dark heart of despair
ah will not forsake thee.

ditch it, pitch it. now hitch it up along the ridge
ya laughin bneath the sherriffs wheels
that go screamin cross hooper bridge
skirt the out-skirts. up mah back-stair. ya sack all undone.
dont touch nothin! water runnin in the tub
get there! and scrub evry one.
when ya struck ya struck!
ya struck a thousand crickets dumb
hooper-hollow iced over then, all hush, hush
in the cool midday sun
hush! ah say hush! hu-u-u-ush!
sittin on the roof, laugh at mahself
as they rope off the woods
watchin all the good-people
go beating the bush.


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