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exploited, exploited arklar, exploited ark szleri
1. years542
2.about to die443
4.adding to their fears384
5.affected by them452
7.another day to go nowhere410
8.anti-u k527
9.army life374
10.army style457
12.barry prossit458
13.beat the bastards681
14.blown out of the sky408
15.boys in blue388
16.chaos is my life631
17.computers dont blunder550
18.dangerous visions337
19.dead cities439
20.death before dishonour534
21.dog soldier524
22.dont blame me655
23.dont forget the chaos500
24.dont pay the poll tax627
25.dont really care672
26.down below394
27.drive me insane429
28.drug squad man361
29.exploited barmy army550
30.eyes of the vulture361
31.false hopes428
32.fight back555
33.forty odd years ago506
34.fuck a mod505
35.fuck religion774
36.fuck the mods470
37.fuck the system1399
38.fuck the usa476
39.fucking liar419
40.god saved the queen389
41.hitlers in the charts again562
42.horror epics413
43.i dont want a holiday in the sun473
44.i hate you411
45.if youre sad527
47.jesus is dead347
49.law and order395
50.law for the rich468
51.lets start a war366
52.lie to me430
53.lying journalists445
55.massacre of innocents450
56.my life398
57.never changed453
58.never sell out366
59.no forgiveness405
60.no more idols352
61.noise annoys489
62.now im dead782
63.police informer864
64.police shit502
65.police tv590
67.porno slut2087
68.power struggle351
69.privacy invasion373
70.pulling you down402
71.punks not dead708
72.rival leaders360
73.safe below343
74.scaling the derry wall362
75.sea of blood413
76.serial killer492
77.sex and violence566
78.should we, cant we484
79.sick bastards430
80.sid vicious was innocent354
82.stop the slaughter473
83.the massacre473
84.the systems fucked up440
85.there is no point456
86.they lie412
87.treat you like shit372
89.was it me357
90.why are you doing this to me354
91.youre a fucking bastard771
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