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midnight drug ark sz

i get up early in the morning
its up and out with the sun
spending my day making natural highs
and in the evening when my work is done
i make a phone call from the hotel
speak to my woman each day
i tell my lady that im missing her
and i hope she feels the same
at least she knows that im not
sharing out our love
with the midnight drug

you spend your day in an in-joke
pouring your life in a glass of ice
and no ones laughing but the monkey in you
paranoia for the highest price
you make a phone call from the hotel
spending your life in the night
the kind of women who dont come for free
but then i guess they know youll pay the price
if they can keep you up
they know youve got what turns them on
the midnight drug
how many times must we tell you
just how much we care
you must know how we love you
but we cant even meet half-way
well ive got something to tell you
if you can only take it in
i think youre worthy of a better cause
if you can just stop looking for
what you never get enough of
the midnight drug
your kind of sugar is a sweet club
i like my sugar in tea
you spend your life going faster
theres no surviving if you crash at speed
now, im not saying that im wrong or right
but that the truth is plain to see
i get my kicks from my friends and their love
its the kind of love that comes for free
theyre the kind of friends
that you dont find when you go looking for
they only pick you up then let you fall
till you come back for more
of the midnight drug


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