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may day ark sz

the rock on which i stand is slowly sinking in the sand
the sheer realities of life are rushing by
i am looking out at life and i dont know whats wrong or right
and i cant even see the bright side of the moon

i stopped a man in the street today
and i asked him "sir, is it night or day?"
he just stared (smiled) in disbelief
i asked again but he walked away
he said "dont you know?"
i said "cant you say? is there something inbetween?
is it something ive not seen?
did it change so fast or was it just a dream?"

time and time again ive tried to recreate the past few days
evaluate the constants from the haze
but every time i think im right, they say im wrong
"this day is night and night is day -
its there in black and white"
night is light and dark is day
if i disagree they say im insane
and the treatment will begin
if i say that the day is light
they just point my eyes to the blinding night, saying
"we cant set you free if you always disagree,
so the state is going to pay your doctors fee"

they put me out in the pouring rain
to enjoy the sun or to feel the pain
of the nightmare lifes become
i asked a man in the street today
or was it yesterday or the day before?
"is there something ive not seen?
is there something inbetween?
did it change so fast or was it just a dream?"

the rock on which i stand is now beneath the ever-flowing sand
the sheer realities are here to stay
im looking out at life and now i know whats wrong and right
its what you hear and what you read and what they say
i saw a man in the street today
ask another man "is it night or day?"
he just stared (smiled) in disbelief
he said "friend, its your lucky day
im a party man, wont you step this way?"
ive got something youve not seen
now i know its not a dream
it just came so fast, that something inbetween


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