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barren stares as they light up the screen
bearing teardrops that shatter
in slow motion
novocaine our brains
and were out like lights
and as im growing older im bored
i remember when misery thrilled me much more
when i cant relax
and id like to go back

but thats gone
[2x: we dont think that way no more]
yeah thats gone
turn around
turn the volume down
were counting the days down
to the day when well live
in a video
ill be stonefaced and pale
youll pout in stereo
twenty four hours every day of the year
oh, what fun,
i cant wait til the future gets here

closing in on the pain and the torture
hes slamming the door
like its something to strive for
the girl tearing curtains down
looks funny as hell
and of sense of humor
can there be any doubt
yeah, that natural selection
has weeded it out?
just to keep me from laughing out loud


well, ive seen some old friends
sort of die
or just turn into whatever
must have been inside them
whatever all of us had then in common
grew up
and left home
we dont think that way no more
turn around
turn the volume down
were counting the days down


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