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african nights ark sz

driving down the road
under the southern light
looking back to see
where weve come from
as we watched the sun go down
rain it fell like diamonds
from kimberley mines
on the road to joburg
with the dying light
farewal durban
city of natal
stopped a while to stretch my thoughts
as we crossed the borderline
and into transvaal

i saw the sun go down
under the southern skies
over and over
ill always remember
those beautiful african nights

in the old vw
wed count the miles
we travelled with a friend
whose name was farr
the stories that he told us
talked of faces
times and places
sang and played his guitar

driving down the road
we hear the morning rise
leaving all the past
so far behind
the sound man played the eagles
as we listen
"take it easy"
echoes on through our lives

i saw the sun go down
under the southern skies
over and over
ill always remember
i still hear them call
no matter how far
those beautiful african nights


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