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underground ark sz

i was never cool in school
im sure you dont remember me
and now its been ten years
im still wondering who to be
but i love to mix in circles,
cliques and social coteries,
thats me
hand me my nosering
(can we be happy?)
show me the mosh pit
(can we be happy?)
we can be happy

whos got the looks?
whos got the brains?
whos got everything?
ive got this pain in my heart
thats all
hey you, with the long
and lonely face
theres gotta be something else
let me tell you something else
there was a girl who passed me by
she gave a smile, but i was shy
and looked down, so down
dont look there no no
go go underground
now now theres a place to go
its the morning now
its the evening
its everything
i click my heels and im there

underground, underground, ooh
everythings happy underground
you been kicked around
did life bring you down here?
everythings heavy underground

and well be decked
in all black
slamming the pit fantastic
officer friendlys little boys
got a mohawk
and he knows just where
were coming from
its industrial
work it underground
get down, get down, get down


we can be happy
we can be happy
we can be happy
oh we can
oh we can
oh we can be
everythings heavy!


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