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manic monday ark sz


six oclock already
i was just in the middle of a dream
i was kissin valentino
by a crystal blue italian stream

but i cant be late
cause then i guess i just wont get paid
these are the days
when you wish your bed was already made

its just another manic monday
i wish it was sunday
cause thats my funday
my i dont have to runday
its just another manic monday

have to catch an early train
got to be to work by nine
and if i had an air-o-plane
i still couldnt make it on time

cause it takes me so long
just to figure out what im gonna wear
blame it on the train
but the boss is already there

all of the nights
why did my lover have to pick last night
to get down
doesnt it matter
that i have to feed the both of us
employments down

he tells me in his bedroom voice
cmon honey, lets go make some noise
time it goes so fast
when youre having fun


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