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in your room ark sz

(s. hoffs/b. steinberg/t. kelly)

i love it in your room at night
youre the only one who gets through to me
in the warm glow of the candlelight
oh, i wonder what youre gonna do to me

in your room
i come alive when im with you
ill do anything you want me to
in your room

i love it in your room all day
when youre gone i like to try on all your clothes
you wont regret it if you let me stay
ill teach you everything that a boy should know

in your room
im alive when im with you
gonna make your dreams come true
in your room

i feel good in your room
lets lock the world out
feels so good when we kiss
nobody ever made me crazy like this

ill do anything you want me to
i only want to be with you
in your room
in your room


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