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crash and burn ark sz

(v. peterson/r. sweet)

l.a. to reno
checking out the scene-o
feeling so mean-o
sometimes i wish i could crash and burn

winding through the hot night
without my headlights
20/20 hindsight
sometimes i wish i could crash and burn

crash and burn
and i never ever felt so lonely
crash and burn
cant look them in the eye
just want to drive and drive and drive

going nowhere
and i dont care
cant wait til i get there
sometimes i wish i could crash and burn

fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety
gotta be a place where they cant find me
watching all those bridges burn behind me

and if i cant see
whats passing me
nothings gonna touch me and ill fly
i wish i could crash and burn

on my philco
i hear an echo
there was a wreck-o yesterday
and by tomorrow
theyll clean the char-o
and wash the tar and trouble away

i wish i would
i wish i could
i wish i would


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