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problem child ark sz

im hot
and when im not
im cold as ice
see me comin
step aside
or pay the price
what i want i take
what i dont i break
and i dont want you
with a flick of my knife
i can change your life
theres nothing you can do

cause im a problem child

make my stand
no mans land
on my own
man in blue
its up to you
the seed is sown
what i want i stash
what i dont i smash
n youre on my list
dead or alive
got a.45
n i never miss

cause im a problem child

every night
street light
i drink my booze
some run
some fight
i win they lose
what i need i like
what i dont i fight
n i dont like you
so say bye bye
while your still alive
cause your time is due

cause im a problem child


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