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be with you ark sz

(d. peterson/w. igleheart)

out my window
the rain starts to fall
and the wind blows
through an empty hall
in the mirror
reflections of you
in the distance i hear a sound
is that you coming around

oh, what you gonna do
i think i should be with you
a love thats overdue
oh i think i should be with you

thought i saw you
in a strangers face
or should i walk away
should i call you
round the corner
is around the world
is that you looking at me
or am i living a dream

and when im lost in a dream
you are all i can see
all alone in the night im waiting for you
every moment id die
just to look in your eyes
the dream is alive, im waiting

oh my, how i try
to make you see that
i should be with you


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