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playing with girls ark sz

highball women that are hot to touch
legs do the talkin spellin out the lust
see the sugar daddies with a sweet tooth and a smile
see whats hangin off him like a wantn child
thats where youll find me standing proud

playing with girls gonna get you hot
playing with guns gonna get you shot
playing with fire gonna heat you up
playing with me youre gonna get the lot

bring on the showgirls and the debutantes
late-night waitress in a restaurant
headin for the clubs and bars with the flashin lights
lookin for the good-time girls in their black nylon tights
over the barrel bottoms-up

repeat chrous

oooh river run dry
yeah playing with fire
oooh wild sweet child
playing with girls
playing with girls

i like tall girls and ill take em small
i want em all up front i like em all
i wanna see em strut their stuff
and lose their social grace
you play your cards right and youll deal yourself an ace
thats where youll find me standing proud

playing with girls


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