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stevens last night in town ark sz

everyone gather round now
sing us a song
just in case by tomorrow
it happens hes gone
for two weeks and seven days
our fair foreign friend
i have this feeling
we might never see steven again


we thought he was gone
but hes come back again
last week it was funny
but now the jokes wearing thin
everyone knows now
that every night now
will be stevens last night
in town

hes charmed [live:fucked] everyone here
except tamara easter
who later revealed to him
her innermost secrets
won us over with stories
about linda mccartney
lost points with the ladies
for saying he couldnt love a
woman with cellulite

[on demo: im wondering how
your decorations are standing up.
in fact, the lawns looking a little
shabby, but we can discuss that later.
hows the chimney stack doing?
and the door arches, theyre ok?]
we were talking bout something
seems like was funny
then steven got quiet
i think steven was mad [live: pissed]
maybe he wasnt mad
but we felt very strange in
the moment
but the moment was passed
and forgotten about



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