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dead sea navigators ark sz

their legend lay in tatters
from perth to john ogroats
the dead sea navigators
shouldve been buried at birth
and of course i loved them dearly
and i miss them now theyre gone
the dea sea navigators
wished theyd had a son

even in their heyday
no-one like them anyway
committed boozers 3 a.m. shivers
this one goes out to those not with us

john the barman and mickey green
this one goes out to all the drinkers
at the red lion
and our friends, though they are few
angel, johnny, pain, keith charity
this ones for you
and whats left of your nerve will get you through

from brighton down to eastbourne
sea sick sailors getting tough
but the dead sea navigators
were made of stouter stuff

golden years, golden years
no-one like them
cept for us

seasons ending, all night porters
thy honour defending with last orders

all the sunbathers
staring at the sun
this one goes out to the
invisible children - as yet unborn
and our friends
though they are few
overcoat boys with more brains than brawn
this ones for you
and all that sail in the
deas sea navigators
this ones for you


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