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some of the things a cowboy do
to make you howl out at the moon
and blush...
i think youd better look around
theres a genius in every town
keep your ear down to the grown
no mothers son will ever forget it

brainchild - you stole away my life
for a while
stole away my life
stole away my time
stole away...
youre a thief with style

your unfaithful sertvants calling you
in and out of your blind spot out of view
i think youde better turn a leaf
the poet is the only thief
what patti says patti does
no mothers son will let you forget it

style - meticulous and gaunt
style - articulate!
style - preoccupation

great lost albums no outtakes
youre getting older and past your peak
i think you better look around
theres a genius in your home town
no mothers son will ever forget you
youre a thief with style


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