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american guitars ark sz

they were failing dutifully
if youre going to fail at all
failing came more easily
than it did to us all
and i wanted to be there
see them begin
it was easy to see they were
the best band to be in
i gave up drugging
when you spiked my drink
stopped freeloading
when i could not get in
i gave up singing
when i was told
i could not dance
knew my place in the world
when i heard them start

woke up on sunday morning
with a hole
the size of my pool
couldnt believe
id grown so ugly
couldnt believe
id been so cruel
i shouldve set back
thought about their past
east coast to west coast
how theyd struggled
for their art

some people
were born to write
some people
were born to dance
thought i knew my place in the world
thought i knew my art
glad to be there, see them begin
it was easy to see
they were the best band to be
american guitars...


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