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exciter, exciter arklar, exciter ark szleri
2.anger, hate and destruction369
3.assassins in rage388
4.back in the light435
5.beyond the gates of doom400
6.blood of tyrants343
7.born to kill live359
9.break down the walls386
10.brutal warning457
11.burn at the stake319
12.cold blooded murder426
13.delivering to the master370
15.die in the night480
16.dog eat dog596
17.dying to live419
18.enemy lines377
19.evil sinner390
21.eyes in the sky427
22.fall out533
23.i am the beast483
24.i hate school rules710
25.i wanna be king437
27.invasion / waiting in the dark327
28.let us prey440
29.live fast, die young388
30.living evil374
31.long live the loud429
32.martial law615
33.metal crusaders340
34.mission destroy379
35.no life no future545
36.o t t460
38.playin with fire673
39.pounding metal399
41.rain of terror360
42.ready to rock357
43.ritual death397
44.rule with an iron fist430
45.sacred war850
46.saxons of the fire385
47.scream bloody murder381
48.scream in the night333
49.screams from the gallows381
50.shadow of the cross367
51.shout it out408
52.smashin em down681
53.sudden impact338
54.suicide overdose314
55.swords of darkness367
57.the dark command416
58.the second coming428
59.victims of sacrifice362
61.violence & force333
62.wake up screaming350
63.war cry474
64.war is hell393
65.weapons of mass destruction433
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