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lonely christmas eve ark sz

im not so bad
i just hate to see a good time had
by everyone but me.
on this lonely christmas eve
i hear them up and down
and up and down the street.

theyre making
noise noise noise noise.
how i hate their happy noise.
theres only one thing i hate more
come to think of it.
and thats the people who keep
making it.

feast feast feast feast.
theyll have more than anyone could ever eat.
me, im stuck here with my cream of wheat.
theres no one here to feast with me
on this lonely christmas eve.

dont they know im up here all alone
in my cave up in the hills?
how i wish that this would go away,
this dreadful holiday
that they call christmas day.

when theyre done with all their christmas noise
and theyve had their christmas feast
just when i think that i might finally
get a moments peace they start to

sing sing sing sing.
now ill never get no sleep.
im screaming out the window
but it dont do no good.
they sing and sing and sing
all through the neighborhood.
sing sing sing.

they take their little break and then
they do it all again.

its a lonely christmas eve.


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