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to one paradise ark sz

lead vocal: terry sylvester
if i could see the sky above
and my mind could be set free
as wild white horses reached the shore
id stand alone and oversee
and if the bush before me burns
should i turn my eyes away
and still the voices i can hear
as clear to me as the light of day
i believed in my dreams
nothing could change my mind
now i know what they mean
how could i be so blind
cold sands of time
(winds that blow as cold as ice
sounds that come in the night)
shall hide what is left of me
(come from paradise)
ive been through times when no one cared
(words that were mine)
ive clouds in empty skies
when one kind word meant more to me
(shall last as a memory)
than all the love in paradise
i believed in my dreams
nothing could change my mind
till i found what they mean
nothing can save me now


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