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kalamazoo ark sz

running my mouth
ran up a tab and all the way back to kalamazoo
all the way back home
i was surely stoned, now im sober in my yard
can you believe i was there?
can you believe ive been anywhere else?

there was a time, almost forgot, we had been drifting all the way to kalamazoo
and i said that i loved you too
all the way back home
theres a little joke, i just made up
how many of me would it take to screw up your life?
one to settle down, one to turn you around
now im sober in my yard
i would say you had to be there, now i regret that youre still there

seems like youve been frozen, frozen there in time
waving your goodbyes
up to the sky

you place on the map has faded away
used to be lost in more than one way
kalamazoo, dont you know that ive been there too
and itd put your mind more at ease
if youd say those words of release
all the way back home


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