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the tell-tale heart ark sz
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the tell-tale heart ark sz

lead vocal: arthur brown
you should have seen him
lying alone in helpless silence in the night
you should have seen him
you would have seen his eye reflecting in the light
so for the old man
ashes to ashes, earth to earth and dust to dust
no one will see me
no one with guilt to share, no secret soul to trust
and he wont be found at all
not a trace to mark his fall
nor a stain upon the wall
louder and louder
till i could tell the sound was not within my ears
you should have seen me
you would have seen my eyes grow white and cold with fear
heard all the things in heaven and earth
ive seen many things in hell
but his vultures eye of a cold pale blue
is the eye if the devil himself
take me away now
but let the silence drown the beating of his heart
i cant go on
let me be free from wretched sea that i can not see
please let me be free


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