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the cask of amontillado ark sz

lead vocal: john miles
by the last breath of the four winds that blow
ill have revenge upon fortunato
smile in his face ill say "come let us go
ive a cask of amontillado"
sheltered inside from the cold of the snow
follow me now to the vault down below
drinking the wine as we laugh at the time
which is passing incredibly slow
(what are these chains binding my arms)
part of you dies each passing day
(say its a game and ill come to no harm)
youll feel your life slipping away
you who are rich and whose troubles are few
may come around to see my point of view
what price the crown of a king on his throne
when youre chained in the dark all alone
(spare me my life only name your reward)
part of you dies each brick i lay
(bring back some light in the name of the lord)
youll feel your mind slipping away


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