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days go by
adrift upon a rolling sky
the miracles escape my eyes
but i still hope
time, regret
is this as good as life can get?
its only when the spirit sets me free i cope
if i seek in every corner
if i search in every doorway
when the water turns to wine will i believe?
if i navigate the river
would you take me to your island?
sing a siren song so i can never leave
long and wide
eternity from side to side
lead me through the rapids
guide me to the shore
theres a place
thats far beyond this time and space
when each of us comes face to face with something more
if i open up the channel
will you send me information
if you tune me to your station, ill receive
if i navigate the river
would you take me to your island
sing a siren song so i can never leave
plans can fail
but only fail to understand
the pyramid will turn to sand and ill be here
...i will be here


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