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pyramania ark sz

lead vocal: jack harris
there are pyramids in my head
theres one underneath my bead
and my ladys getting cranky
every possible location
has a simple explanation
and it isnt hanky-panky
i had read
somewhere in a book, they improve all your food and your wine
it said, that everything you grow in your garden would taste pretty fine
instead, all i ever get is a pain in the neck and a
yap yap yap yap yap yap yap
ive consulted all the sages
i could find in the yellow pages
but there arent many of them
and the myan panoramas
on my pyramid pajamas
havent helped my little problem
ive been told
someone in the know can be sure that his luck is as
good as gold, money in the bank and you dont even pay for it
if you fold, a dollar bill in the shape of the pyramid thats printed on the
its no lie
you can keep the edge of a razor as sharp as an
eagles eye, you can grow a hedge that is vertically straight over
ten feet high, all you really need is a pyramid and just a little luck
i had read, somewhere in a book, they improve all your food and wine
id been told, someone in the know can be sure of his good luck
its no lie, all you need is a little bit of pyramidic help


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