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nothing left to lose ark sz

(lead vocal - eric woolfson)
nothings good the news is bad
the heat goes on and it drives you mad
scornful thoughts that fly your way
you should turn away cause theres nothing more to say
you gave the best you had to give
you only had one life to live
you fought so hard you were a slave
after all you gave there was nothing left to save
youve got nothing left to lose (youve got nothing left to lose)
no youve got nothing left to lose (whod wanna be standing in your shoes)
you read the book, you turn the page,
you change your life in a thousand ways,
the dawn of reason lights your eyes,
with the key you realize,
to the kingdom of the wise
nothing ventured nothing gained
no more lingering doubt remained
nothing sacred or profane
everything to gain
cause youve nothing left


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