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let yourself go ark sz

maitre charcot, the french hypnotist who influenced freud
lead vocal: eric woolfson
maitre charcot he can send you where the winds blow
look in his eye and your mind goes into limbo
they say, hes mad as a hatter
hes no medicine man
let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go
maitre charcot he can teach you what you dont know
look in his eye and the clock runs out of tempo
he knows, its mind over matter
youll fit in the palm of his hand
let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go
it doesnt need too much explaining
it doesnt seem to be so hard
you just count to ten and then back again
and before long you wont know where you are
maitre charcot he will catch you if you let go
look in his eyes and your thoughts go into slow motion
you glide, like birds of a feather
he flies higher than you
let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go
for any doubt you have remaining
let me remind you once again
you just close you eyes as the eagle flies
and before you know it you wont feel any pain, any pain
id like to stay here forever, who needs the hullabaloo?
let yourself go, let yourself go, let yourself go


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