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eye in the sky ark sz

(lead vocal - eric woolfson)
dont think sorrys easily said
dont try turning tables instead
youve taken lots of chances before
but im not gonna give anymore
dont ask me
thats how it goes
cause part of me knows what youre thinkin
dont say words youre gonna regret
dont let the fire rush to your head
ive heard the accusation before
and i aint gonna take any more
believe me
the sun in your eyes
made some of the lies worth believing
i am the eye in the sky
looking at you
i can read your mind
i am the maker of rules
dealing with fools
i can cheat you blind
and i dont need to see any more
to know that
i can read your mind, i can read your mind
dont leave false illusions behind
dont cry cause i aint changing my mind
so find another fool like before
cause i aint gonna live anymore believing
some of the lies while all of the signs are deceiving


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