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dont let the moment pass ark sz

a picture of romantic idealism

lead vocal: marti webb

this golden day will be mine
for every moment in time
if time should lose her way
a symphony in the night
of stars that dance in the light
and music far away
they say that love is but a dance
dont let the music fade away
dont let the moment pass
without reason or rhyme
the sweet bouquet of the wine
will vanish in the air
the innocence of the rose
she leaves where she goes
for all the world to share
some days when clouds are drifting by
i open my eyes and watch them go
and wonder where they fly
some nights orion runs too fast
i look to the stars as if to say
dont let the moment pass
but soon a golden age is past
just when it seemed that miracles
where not too much to ask
and though the world may turn too fast
if it should seem like paradise
dont let the moment pass


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